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How to Re-Use Flower Arrangements?

ByLily Foster

Oct 5, 2020
How to Re-Use Flower Arrangements

Flowers are nice when they are fresh and vibrant but they don’t remain that way for long. After a flower shop delivery Dubai, you experience the initial excitement and thrill of new fresh flowers but as they start to wilt, you begin to worry. Wilting is completely normal and is bound to happen anyway but there are ways in which you can repurpose that dead bouquet for something else and it will be just as great.

Leave Them as They Are

Even as they die and dry up on their own, flowers will still be beautiful. Cut off the stems a bit and change the vase here and there. You can still decorate them at home and they will be beautiful.

Frame Them

You can frame dead plants and use them as wall decor. This adds a personal feel to your home and artwork that doesn’t require a lot of money or expertise. Framed flowers are chic and trendy.

Add the Flowers to Candles

You can take advantage of the scent by attaching them to candles. You can do this by melting little candles and using the wax from them to add the flower petals to your existing candles. You can put more layers of wax on top to make it look more natural.

Purify Your Drawers

Flower petals are good for purifying your drawers or even your car. Place a few petals in drawers and watch it stay fresh and with a good scent. Place the petals in a sock and place the sock in your drawers or car.

Hang Them

A great way to beautify your home and add some spice on boring spots is by hanging flowers there. Of Course, it’s common to hang flowers in order to dry them, but this would be a great decorating tool. Leave them there!

In Conclusion

There is no limit to the things you can do with old bouquets. Repurposing is cool and environmentally friendly as compared to disposing of the flowers after they die. Dried flowers can also be kept for later use. Who knows, you might need to try out a DIY hack someday and need some flowers for it. Some flowers are edible and you can incorporate them in your teas or other meals after they dry. They also have medicinal purposes making them healthy!

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