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What Does a Floor Grinder Do?

ByLily Foster

May 31, 2021
Floor Grinders in UAE

Floor grinders are floor construction, repair, and renovation equipment used by pros and DIY floor renovators who would like to even and smoothen their floors’ appearance. The handheld, sit-on, or walk-behind concrete grinders get used in finishing stone, granite, concrete, and hardwood floors. These tools use abrasive plates that rotate to smoothen, finish, clean, and polish floor surfaces. Some of them make use of water to reduce the dust that arises from the grinding procedure.
You can use these grinders by moving them in a smooth and even motion across the surface to be ground. The grinder’s bottom side has spinning abrasive discs that accomplish its work. Every disc bears a pad that has the abrasive material. Users can push or seat on the grinder if its movement is motorized. Different sizes of grinders have varying numbers of discs and the choice of a machine and its discs is determined based on the surface that shall work on. So, what’s the use of a floor grinding machine? Read on to learn more about the use of floor grinders in UAE.

Evening out Floor Surfaces

Are your floors rough and uneven? Do you wish to have a smooth floor finish? If so, then the machine provides an ideal tool for evening out and smoothening the floor surfaces. Uneven cast concrete or stone floors that do not have a smoothened finish can get an even, smooth, and shiny surface after getting ground by the machine. Floor grinders can also get used to clear dents caused by accidental drops of heavy objects or heavy wear and tear on the floor, which leaves dented surfaces on high human or equipment traffic zones.

Improving the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Surfaces

Would you like to restore the shine of your surfaces to their former glory? Then grind away the pale surface, which is making it look dull. Heavy traffic on your floor, accidental drops, and exposure to corrosive chemicals can make your shiny and appealing wooden, granite, or marble floors to lose their visual appeal. You can polish stone floors to get a high-gloss finish or grind your concrete surfaces to expose their aggregates and then polish them to get a better aesthetic appearance.

Prepare Your Wooden Floors for Treatment

Hardwood floors often lose their shine, and they need to get some good polishing before they can reveal their good old look. But before you apply a new layer of finishing and polish your wooden floors it’s ideal to get them ground to eliminate the pale old surface that has worn away due to traffic, exposure to harsh chemicals, and scratches and dents from heavy moving objects such as furniture. Grinding your wooden floors prepares them to receive proper treatment and polishing.

Remove Stubborn Stains, Tile Glues, and Other Sticky Dirt

Is your floor covered in stubborn stains, tile glue, or other sticky debris? If yes, then a light abrasive grinder is the perfect tool to remove all the stuck dirt, epoxy, and stained surface. After eliminating the dirt or stains the user can then start treating the clear and bare wooden or concrete surface with some new sealing coat or a fresh wood stain to give it an appealing look. You can also use floor grinding machines to get rid of old varnish if you’d like to change from a clear one to a dark-toned one.

Floor Repairs and Building

Sometimes concrete and other floor types may become uneven or crack as they settle down after construction. So, if your floor isn’t giving the desired appealing look as the construction comes to an end it’s time to subject it to some grinding and repair to get to the desired look. It’s in such instances that floor grinders come in handy. You can hire a floor grinder from a construction equipment Dubai specialist, and use them to level places that haven’t settled well and do some repairs to get perfect finishes.

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