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Guide to an International Relocation

ByLily Foster

Sep 30, 2020
International Movers UAE

There are two ways you could move your belongings when moving internationally, it could be by air or by sea. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, and when making your choice on which to use there’s also timeliness and budget to consider, how long you can wait for your goods to be delivered, are you in a hurry or not, and how much you have budgeted your moving to cost. There’s also moving your things by road, but car shipping from Dubai would be difficult for international moving, so moving by road is for moving within the country.

If you’re moving internationally in terms of speed, moving by air is the way to go but it is more expensive but in terms of a large number of goods, moving by sea is the way to go and it is cheaper than moving by air but takes longer.

Moving by Air

When using this method, it is advisable that you declutter your house and get only your essential items because the more goods you have the more expensive it is, so carrying only your essentials would give you a much friendlier price. The popularity of moving by air has really increased over the years, although it might be more expensive than moving by boat, it is a quicker method to have your things delivered which helps you settle down quickly. The only reason your goods may arrive late is if there was a delay in the flight which happens sometimes.

Moving by Sea

This is a relatively cheaper way to ship your items, and you can ship a large scale of things at a fair price, the disadvantage of this is the amount of time it takes for your goods to get to you.
Your things are shipped in containers, and there are different sizes of containers, there is a 20-foot container and a 40-foot container. They are the most used when shipping household goods.

Moving by Road

Like I mentioned before above, this method isn’t advisable for moving internationally, it is not even offered as an option. Moving by road is best for movement within the country, or moving to another country that has close borders with your present country. Your things are moved by truck, and the price estimates depend on how much your things weigh.

These are various methods that international movers UAE use to move their client’s goods.

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