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Features of a Good Portable Air Conditioner

ByLily Foster

Oct 7, 2020
Features of a Good Portable Air Conditioner

Many residents in Dubai prefer to have the portable air conditioner because it is highly efficient and convenience. With it, you do not have to depend on the central AC system again. Secondly. It is easy to install a portable AC even without the help of a professional technician. When you are out in the market for a new portable AC, do not just make unfounded purchases, know what you are looking for in a particular unit. That’s why in this article, we shall be discussing the key considerations when buying a portable ac in Dubai. With this in mind, you can easily find the right unit for your home. Therefore, allowing you to make informed decision about the model type that best suits your needs when purchasing from a seller like SORSbuy, eventually. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the features.

The Power of the Unit

This is perhaps the most important quality to check when you are buying a portable ac in Dubai. Keep in mind, power for portable ACs are often calculated in British Thermal Units, otherwise known as BTUs. This rating affects the cooling capacity directly.

If the conditioner has high BTU, then it will produce more cooling. Note however that BTU rating is affected by the size of the space.

It would be best to evaluate the area that you live before you choose an AC. In addition, check the weather pattern in your local. This also will determine the kind of AC you will need.

AC Placement

This is yet another important feature to consider when looking for an AC.  Air conditioners normally produce heat, and such, needs an exhaust hose. Most air conditioners have a window for emitting hot air to the outside. Therefore, you should consider placement near the window.


When it comes to a portable air conditioner, maintenance is a must, and you want to get a machine that would be easy to maintain. You don’t want to cough a lot of money and energy to maintain a small machine. Instead, your worry should be how to remove the water collected from the unit.

There are two ways to remove water: you can do it manually by attaching a hose to release moisture from the air conditioner to the environment or use a pump to propel moisture to different parts of the unit to reduce accumulation.

Noise Levels

You need to think about the noise your air conditioner will produce before buying one. You don’t want to inconvenience yourself or others while your machine is at work.

Consider an air conditioner that produces around 45dBs of noise. By nature, anything that emits airflow produces some noise. But still, a good portable air conditioner shouldn’t be too irritating. For more information about ACs, visit https://sorsbuy.com/.

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