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All You Need to Know About Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program

ByLily Foster

Aug 25, 2020

Dominica is a country in the Caribbean Isles that presents excellent investment opportunities for you. It has a wide spectrum of people living with different cultures. Also, the country is extremely stable in terms of political environment and economic conditions. Another advantage you get is smooth processing of your visa application. For obtaining Dominica citizenship by investment, you need to essentially rely on a reputed service provider that has several years of experience and expertise in handling such diplomatic matters, efficiently. For the investment program 2020 for obtaining citizenship in Dominica, continue reading.

Incredible Benefits

There is a string of administrative and business-related benefits you obtain when you apply for the citizenship by investment program in 2020. You don’t have to face any hassles during or after the process. There are able executives that handle the procedures. Consulting a top service provider increases the chances of getting citizenship in quick time. You would be truly amazed to explore the gamut of benefits you receive when you avail the Dominican citizenship.

No Physical Presence Required

A crucial feature of this citizenship is you don’t have to fulfill any conditions pertaining to physical residency in the country. You can simply manage the business from another country or your original home nation. There will be absolutely no problem in managing all the financial operations. Keeping a tab on the progress of your business will not at all be a headache.

No Managerial Experience Required

Are you thinking about the details or obligations of managerial experience for the program? You would be extremely happy to know that the program doesn’t require you to show any credentials pertaining to managerial experience in any industry. You can simply apply for citizenship without these terms.

Zero Taxes

This is arguably the best feature of the investment program. As a new citizen, you don’t have to pay taxes for your earnings or inheritance. The government of Dominica has well-defined provisions that let you enjoy doing your business in a tax-free financial environment.

Travel Visa-Free

Another excellent benefit of Dominican citizenship is you will be eligible to travel globally to about 125 countries without a visa. This will save a lot of time and administrative costs, lucrative for your business growth.

Several Investment Options

Broadly speaking, there are a couple of options for investment. The first one is fund donation through government sources. The second option is investing in the real estate sector.

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