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A Compact Guide to Successful Customer Journey Management

ByLily Foster

Jul 31, 2020
A Six-Step Guide to Better Customer Journey Management

Dubai is experiencing a huge boom in its business industries across all sectors. With growth in commerce, there is a rising demand for services leading to customer journey management. If you are serious about optimizing the management aspects on this matter, then the chances of your business growth become higher. Aristostar is a top service provider in Dubai region that efficiently manages all your requirements for ensuring optimum customer journey management. Customer journey management ensures a sustained stream of profits. You also decrease operating costs. This significantly reduces your expenses. It is wise to know about the specific steps to deploy a technical support system to execute the management aspects of customer journey.

Pre-Arrival Stage

The Customer Journey Management or CJM is capable of providing top-notch appointment solutions for a large number of customers. This will avoid the inconvenience of standing at a queue and getting an appointment. The CJM can considerably help the company to control the flow of appointments and allocate slots for the customers. It adds value to the customer service department of the company.

Arrival Stage

The next step is all about the arrival stage. In this step, the solutions provided by the CJM tend to segregate or separate the customers in various segments on the basis of certain parameters. It can be concluded depending on the various customer behavior patterns or age brackets. This is completely the discretion of the company that is using the service. It will reduce wait-time. This can be critical for particular businesses, such as medical services.

Waiting in A Queue

In this service mode, more optimal strategies are employed to improve the work processes. There will be a waiting period. The objective here is to minimize it. This stage needs to be dealt sensitively as it has the potential of creating the most pressing impact on the psyche of the customers, affecting the level of your business sales.

Serving Stage

In this phase, there is a direct interaction with the customers. The needs of the customer are addressed. Also, data about his or her previous visits (if any) is referred. With a fresh visit of the same customer, new insights are created by the CJM. The management pertinently takes a comprehensive overview of the serving process.


There are two broad segments in this stage. The transaction details with the customer are registered. Also, customer feedback is recorded.


This phase focuses on data-driven processing of services and improving the deliverables from a long-term business perspective. The performance is evaluated based on data analysis and relevant management inputs, creating further insights.

Consult and Plan

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