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Ahlan Lounge in Dubai

Ahlan Lounge in Dubai

Ahlan Lounge in Dubai Twenty four hours daily. Please note refurbishment works are presently happening outside of the living room area until further notice and also there’ll be some noise disruption.

Airside – Departure Level, East side, virtually Gate B26. The living room entrance is situated inside the’ Cadiz Tapas Bar’. Passengers departing from Concourse A or maybe C ought to allow adequate time (approx.15 – twenty minutes) to achieve their departure gate. Emirates flights only. Maximum five hour stay – Kids under one calendar year are admitted free – Complimentary alcohol beverages on selected liquors just – Alcoholic beverages are only offered between 20:00 – 03:00 (subject to request) throughout the month of Ramadan – Smart casual pants all the time – Separate smoking area available.

The place’s interest in private customers-Ahlan Lounge in Dubai

Complimentary massage seats out there. Phone calls are governed by payment. Offsite shower facilities readily available upon request. Please note refurbishment works are presently happening outside of the living room area until further notice and also there’ll be some noise disruption.

In addition to the presence of many services provided by the place that are different from other places such as Wi-Fi, which is what we are looking for all of us in the current period, and whenever I go to a place you ask if it offers Wi-Fi or not and not because of entertainment only, but you can need to follow your business Or follow friends or know information from the program that you need It provides various numbers of hot and cold drinks and attention to providing all types of drinks to satisfy all customers . It provides all the information about your flight and also near the waiting halls.

Ahlan Lounge in Dubai
Ahlan Lounge in Dubai

Services that make the restaurant distinct from other restaurants-Ahlan Lounge in Dubai

There is also a TV to enable you to watch all the programs or football matches you watch and follow the weather news, and also there are magazines and newspapers that you can follow

You can also eat light or fast meals, sandwiches, main meals or your favorite dish. There are restaurants for the elderly and children, places for mothers and places for children before the age of one year, in order to provide calm and privacy. – There is a waiting room outside

  The distinctive characteristics that the place seeks to achieve -Ahlan Lounge in Dubai

  • Service: -Provide recommendations to the visitor together with the very best meals. Accessibility of a bilingual food selection and its costs.
  • Explain the materials on the recipe in detail in the selection. The waiter shouldn’t stand beside the table and also hinder the visitors’ speech.
  • Welcome visitors quite warmly. In order to have an area to park automobiles.
  • Answering the visitor’s comment or inquiry in a calm and tactful voice.
  • Serving appetizers first, then simply drinks, based on the resort rules.
  • Changing the sheets just as soon as they start to be dirty.
  • The existence of cleansing and perfumed wipes for usage while doing food.
  • The existence of a pharmacy.
  • Dining hall: –
  • floors that are Thoroughly clean, seats and tables.
  • The heat inside the school must be as average, not too sexy or even cold. The music must be proper to the overall atmosphere, with the moderation of its, so that visitors are able to hear one another while talking.


Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

The Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai restaurant provides all kinds of meals that we all prefer with the highest quality and the lowest price and the quantities of food are very appropriate.

Breakfasts served by the restaurant

  Fried eggs in more than one way, such as egg eggs, served with burrata bread, or served as a dusa six, which is one of the favorite meals for many of us .

Salad  And served by the restaurant

It serves Arabic salads, green salads, as well as chickpeas salad, fattoush salad, and cabbage salad, and it provides many types of drinking, such as drinking vegetables with regular or hot chicken, tomato cream, and also seafood soup.

Main dishes are served by the restaurant -Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

Dishes of chicken wings and meat chicken dishes, as well as kebab dishes on charcoal and chicken made from green peppers and grilled or fried fish in addition to the pizza dishes that he serves and provides all kinds of pizza to suit all tastes such as vegetable pizza and margarita pizza or cheese mix cheese or mushroom

Meals provided by the restaurant-Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

It serves strips meals that consist of a number of chicken strips, serve with bread and potatoes, or dinner meals that consist of three pieces of chicken and is also serve with potatoes or bread or special meals that consist of a number of meat and is serve with rice, soft drinks and potatoes It offers children’s meals, including meals, as well as games and sandwiches that are preferre by children and shawarma meals  

Drinks are serve at the restaurant

Serve all kinds of juices. So Serum juices that contain a mixture of two types, ice cream, or iced milk mixed with chocolate. This leads us to a fast serving regular meal service. This type combines a fast food style and a bit of a casual restaurant to bring you a mix of types. There is now room for a higher level of food quality, in an attractive setting with a touch of uniqueness in design from branch to branch. It definitely more upscale compare to the fast-food restaurant by having a variety of light designs and home touches. Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

About  AFC restaurant -Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

These restaurants bring their And customers a more sophisticated and varied menu. Most of the time, they supply ingredients from local sources, and they produce and prepare them on site. Providing ingredients from local Because sources allows these restaurants to display a more healthy alternative menu with more exclusive ingredients. Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

 AFC restaurants are subject to all express services and fast regular restaurants are not the same. But quality control in restaurants is still one of the best factors. To stand out in a crowded area full of brands and options. Brands need to focus on more than just food quality: they need to focus on providing an integrated quality experience. This means quality food, So service and price. About  AFC restaurant Dubai P.O. Box : 117857, Dubai Tel: +971 4 3584411

101 Dining Lounge and Bar

101 Dining Lounge and Bar

Exactly who must have a taxi if you are able to turn up in fashion by boat?

101 Dining Lounge and Bar Head on the Jetty Lounge at the mainland One&Only Royal Mirage in which a private boat runs every half hour between 1pm and 12.15am each and every day. Reserve an area on the 10 minute trip ahead of time through restaurant reservations.

It is a beautiful area for laid-back sundowners.

And Sink into the sofas on the al fresco over water so living room for incredible panoramic views of the New Dubai skyline & a picture perfect Such sunset over Palm Jumeirah. But The Mediterranean menu is subtly fused with overseas flavors. And 3 types of paella are ideal for sharing, or perhaps experiment with the red mullet cooked’ a la plancha’, served with Spanish green beans and zesty pomelo, ginger and mint.

101 Dining Lounge and Bar in Dubai City

And It is all in the specifics, plus the complete culinary. Because Idea is from not one, but 2 celebrated chefs. Award-winning Thieu Moles heads up So the cooking area. But Even though the venue is led by three And Michelin starred celeb chef. And Panicky Allen, But noted for the innovative cuisine of his.

To get a light bite.And check out the signature tapas menu. So We like the oh-so-Instagram avocado croquetas, and the king crab hot dog. A decadent take on a take out favorite.

101 Dining Lounge and Bar
101 Dining Lounge and Bar


The premium three course Louis Redder menu for 2, combined with vintage fizz.

Details about 101 Dining Lounge and Bar

One&Only The Palm Dubai Luxury Beach Resort & Spa Hotel, west Resent of Palm Jumera, Logo Islands, Palm Jumera, Dubai Landmark: Near Atlantis Hotel P.O.Box: 114843,
Dubai Tel: +971 4 4401010
Fax: +971 4 4401011

What makes 101 Lounge Lounge and Bar one of Dubai’s most popular restaurants?

Here you can enjoy different dishes, and you can come here on your own and in the company. Today, restaurants remain one of the easiest and fastest ways to eat delicious food. Who among us So does not like delicious and nutritious food, drinks good wine and sits in a pleasant atmosphere? For many years, restaurants have been the best place. In any big city, there are hundreds of these establishments, each offering its own ‘chip. So each restaurant is different in its own way.And 101 Dining Lounge and Bar .

Advantages of 101 Lounge Lounge and Bar one of Dubai

Invites visitors to savor delicious dishes and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and first-class service. Here anyone can really have a good time. Too The restaurants have been and will continue to be the place where different entry holders go to enjoy delicious food and relax. Would you like to eat, sit in a nice atmosphere and enjoy good service? Then you definitely need to visit a restaurant. SO Pub. Here an excellent kitchen, and every dish And prepared the best chefs who try special for each visitor. A fun social media atmosphere makes the restaurant an ideal venue for dates, And romantic and dinners or business meetings only. But All who live in Hong Kong or just came to him And just have to visit Pub after all Such any visitor here appreciated, and the quality service is