How to make meat steak ?

Meat steak ingredients: six Pieces steak.
Medium onion.
Four cloves garlic, crushed.
Two tablespoons of butter.

Fifty percent of a teaspoon of salt.

Spread with the cornstarch and gently mix. Cover with clear plastic wrap and refrigerate a minimum of one hour, up to immediately.
Heat 1/4 cup veggie oil in a big skillet. Get rid of the beef slices in the marinade, shaking to eliminate any additional fluid.
Heat the organic olive oil in a little skillet over moderate heat. Cook and mix the onion as well as garlic within the scorching oil before onion is golden brownish, 5 to 7 minutes; put throughout the beef slices.

Melt butter as well as grease the steak parts.
Chop onion and place it with garlic round the steak pieces.

If you would like ripe steak, deal with the tray with ideal paper and lower the oven temperature.
How you can make grilled steak
Grilled steak components 500 grams steak.
2 onions.
a potato.
A carrot.
Clove garlic.

Fifty percent of a  meat tablespoonful of vinegar.

How you can make grilled steak: We clean the steak with water and after that use the blade making longitudinal slits in every piece.

We utilize the combination to season the steak and also placed it in the fridge.
Cut the potatoes, zucchini and carrots in cubes as well as boil them inside a suitable bowl.

Stir the combination until the veggies are saturated with the marinade.

Two cloves garlic, minced.
More than half a cup of parsley.
Fifty percent of a teaspoon of dried up coriander.
White pepper and salt.

A half and a cup of cooking cream.
More than half a cup of butter.
A glass of beef broth.

How you can make meat steak with mushrooms: We make a butter newspaper and place spices on it and place steaks on it.
It’s hammered together with the meat hammer via both sides right up until it unites as well as their spices.

The steak is put on it as well as browned on each side until it turns white.
We place the steak in aluminium foil as well as wrap properly until it is still hot.
Onion as well as garlic are roasted inside a skillet inside a frying pan, bring mushrooms for them with continuous stirring.