Dubai Restaurant

Dubai Restaurant

This Dubai restaurant provides food that is free in case you can’t pay Hungry, but lack cash? An Arabic restaurant with many branches in Sharjah and Dubai offers food that is free, plus they’d merely question you paying with a smile.



Written over the glass wall structure of the restaurant of his in Al Barsha one near the Mall on the Emirates was an adage in Arabic as well as English that says: “If you cannot purchase foods, it can be for FREE. This’s Gift coming from Allah (God).”


“This isn’t any publicity stunt,” stated Fadi, adding: “We place that discover since we wanted everybody to feel great. And also the food is definitely free for the needy.”


Clean water, tea and coffee are free.


Based on Fadi, they serve meals that are free to around 30 35 folks everyday from breakfast until supper. Individuals are able to obtain anytime during the operating hours of theirs from 7am until 3am, 7 days every week.


“People of different nationalities arrive at the restaurant of ours – Indians, Africans, Pakistanis, Europeans. We actually had the typical diner – an Australian woman that arrived here each day to consume free of charge for nearly a year. We just knew she’d a number of issues as well as we by no means energized her for the meals,” Fadi discussed.


When asked in case he’s been losing income due to the philanthropy of his, Fadi said no and also on the contrary, the charity work of his, that he began 3 years ago, helps boost the business of his.



“We are within the food industry. Naturally, we started the place for financial profit.


“I also have benefited a great deal from Dubai and this particular (providing free food) is the way of mine of giving to the community. We are now living in the area of Zayed and also the leaders of this nation has considered us giving,” and tolerance he added.


Fadi, who operates the daily activities of his joints said: “When we gave foods to the needy and hungry and we watched them smile after getting a hearty food, we additionally felt happiness that no money can buy.”


He added: “We produced a great deal of friends. Certain who gained from our charity arrived back and we just asked them to pass onto others the spirit of giving.”