Best ever healthy pasta recipes

Try out one of our twenty two healthy pasta recipes for lower calorie pasta. Whether you are on the 5:2 diet plan (all of our dishes have a bit less than 500 calories) or even wanting to find very low calorie midweek meals, we’ve a lot of good pasta dishes that you can try out.

We utilize spaghetti, , penne and courgetti more

Harissa Spaghetti Recipe
Courgetti with balsamic tomatoes and pesto Who needs pasta if you are able to have spiralized courgette? Try our easy’ courgetti’ healthy recipe, created using baby plum tomatoes, pesto, garlic, pine nuts and also lots of courgette noodles.

You would be forgiven for contemplating it was the traditional! Try out 1 of our greatest ever lasagne dishes here…

Healthy Lasagne Recipe

Easy and quick Spaghetti Recipe with Gazpacho Sauce

Us also!

It is the most perfect nourishing food – and in case you are making extra, is an easy and quick lunch for the following morning also.

Broccoli Pasta Recipe
This easy and quick pasta recipe is an excellent low calorie dinner.

Experiment with succeeding for a hearty midweek food.

Linguine Recipe with Tuna, Lemon as well as Dill
Healthy rigatoni with courgette, orange and parmesan Courgette usually takes centre stage in this reduced calorie pasta recipe which goes down effectively with vegetarians and also meat eaters alike. It will improve your veg count, ideal for a great food idea. Below are our favorite vegetarian pasta recipes…

Italian meatballs healthy recipe Make the children satisfied with this strong, family friendly pasta recipe. For below 500 calories, you will have meatballs which are loaded with flavour – ideal for a great food. Check out our other thrilling meatball recipes here…

Italian meatballs and spaghetti
Pappardelle with lemon along with sage mushrooms For a fast and wholesome midweek food, consider pappardelle with lemon along with sage mushrooms. You simply have 6 ingredients and a couple of minutes to rustle it upwards. A paler nourishing pasta idea. Try out our other fast and simple pasta recipes here…

Prawn linguine with’ nduja Searching for good linguine recipe? Try our prawn linguine with’ nduja – a spicy Italian sausage. It is lower in fat but chock-full flavor. Check out our many other linguine formulas here…

Prawn Linguine Recipe with’ Nduja
Angel locks pasta with saffron, prosciutto along with peas This Italian inspired food constitutes a terrific weeknight treat. It is under 500 calories but chock-full salty prosciutto and creamy mascarpone. Check out this nutritious meal idea for a supper party dish, also.

Lemon broth and spring veg Our healthy broth is underneath 300 calories from fat but does not compromise on flavour. Loaded with leafy greens, basil and leeks, it is a proper food idea for a winter evening.

Lemon linguine, tarragon, and crab The recipe of ours for crab, tarragon as well as orange linguine is very easy to make, ready in twenty minutes, and also comes in during under 500 calories from fat – but is loaded with delicious, new flavours also. A great midweek meal.