Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

The Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai restaurant provides all kinds of meals that we all prefer with the highest quality and the lowest price and the quantities of food are very appropriate.

Breakfasts served by the restaurant

  Fried eggs in more than one way, such as egg eggs, served with burrata bread, or served as a dusa six, which is one of the favorite meals for many of us .

Salad  And served by the restaurant

It serves Arabic salads, green salads, as well as chickpeas salad, fattoush salad, and cabbage salad, and it provides many types of drinking, such as drinking vegetables with regular or hot chicken, tomato cream, and also seafood soup.

Main dishes are served by the restaurant -Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

Dishes of chicken wings and meat chicken dishes, as well as kebab dishes on charcoal and chicken made from green peppers and grilled or fried fish in addition to the pizza dishes that he serves and provides all kinds of pizza to suit all tastes such as vegetable pizza and margarita pizza or cheese mix cheese or mushroom

Meals provided by the restaurant-Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

It serves strips meals that consist of a number of chicken strips, serve with bread and potatoes, or dinner meals that consist of three pieces of chicken and is also serve with potatoes or bread or special meals that consist of a number of meat and is serve with rice, soft drinks and potatoes It offers children’s meals, including meals, as well as games and sandwiches that are preferre by children and shawarma meals  

Drinks are serve at the restaurant

Serve all kinds of juices. So Serum juices that contain a mixture of two types, ice cream, or iced milk mixed with chocolate. This leads us to a fast serving regular meal service. This type combines a fast food style and a bit of a casual restaurant to bring you a mix of types. There is now room for a higher level of food quality, in an attractive setting with a touch of uniqueness in design from branch to branch. It definitely more upscale compare to the fast-food restaurant by having a variety of light designs and home touches. Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

About  AFC restaurant -Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

These restaurants bring their And customers a more sophisticated and varied menu. Most of the time, they supply ingredients from local sources, and they produce and prepare them on site. Providing ingredients from local Because sources allows these restaurants to display a more healthy alternative menu with more exclusive ingredients. Arabian Fried Chicken Dubai

 AFC restaurants are subject to all express services and fast regular restaurants are not the same. But quality control in restaurants is still one of the best factors. To stand out in a crowded area full of brands and options. Brands need to focus on more than just food quality: they need to focus on providing an integrated quality experience. This means quality food, So service and price. About  AFC restaurant Dubai P.O. Box : 117857, Dubai Tel: +971 4 3584411