Ajmal Restaurant Abu Dhabi

Ajmal Restaurant Abu Dhabi We’re proud to introduce Ajmal Team team, as among the top catering restaurant & cafe in UAE.

Ajmal Team class is popular the industry for the variety within . The foods it caters to to the clients comprising many different nationalities including community people, Indians & Arab nationalities. Our chefs are skilled for years preparing diffrent varieties based on the flavor of our manfold customers. Restaurant In Abu Dhabi

Ajmal group is started before ten years by exactly the same management individuals. A famous for the popular quality food service of various tastes recommended by the citizen of various nationalities.

Advantages in Ajmal restaurant In Abu Dhabi

While we wear superior quality ingredients just the prices which charge for things are extremely . Reasonable if a person is comparing the price and quality of the products of ours.Passionately focused consumer value. Offering the best products at prices that are competitive.Hygienic and clean environment. Strictly follows are are rules and regulations UAE municipality.Professional and dedicated staff at the service of yours.

Meals with a call service.We never compromise on quality of the meals we compliment our valued customers . Who we see as probably the most essential element for our program forward.Rigid adherence to the international . Standards with respect to hygienic food handling keeps our group unique from the opponents of ours. The restaurant offers all kinds of distinct food and drinks that seeks to satisfy . All customers in the place and take into account individuals and prepares meals for children and also provides . Different meals that suit the people who follow health systems and vegetarians Restaurant In Abu Dhabi

Ajmal Restaurant Abu Dhabi

Premium services at the restaurant

The restaurant is also interested in providing all the factors that work to provide the customer’s comfort. Such as caring for the different quiet lighting that causes calm eyes and a feeling of relaxation. He also cares about the appearance of the workers in the place and unifies . The uniforms of the hatch and ensures that it is always clean

About Ajmal Restaurant

He also keeps the place always clean, keeps food preparation equipment in the office, and maintains dining tables. Clean it after each customer and serve food in the best professional way. But Being sure to receive complaints and suggestions welcomes and delights all . Customers so when you go to them several times you cannot feel sad . Also, you can feel at home because you feel calm. And also the decor that causes psychological relief and a feeling. Of changing psychological state for the better Abu Dhabi P.O.Box: 53854, Abu Dhabi Tel: +971 2 6748914