Adari Restaurant in Ajman City

Adari Adari Restaurant in Ajman . And Hotel is considered one of the most popular restaurants in the Emirates and it has. A large number of visitors daily from the UAE residents or tourists . Due to the offers that it downloads to its visitors daily. And also cooperation with its customers in reservation methods and everything related to customers in . The hotel and even food for their own providing a restaurant Adari. Who provides the best meals to his customers, and even if you do not spend a period inside the hotel and you can visit the restaurant to enjoy its services and eat your breakfast, food or evening parties,

Adari Restaurant

you can find that easily. Adari Restaurant provides all kinds of foods that satisfy all customers and provides special meals for breakfast only. Food or dinner, and you can get main dishes that the restaurant servesز It also supplies all kinds of different starters from soft green salads. Chickpeas salad or other different types of starters . You can also find all kinds of hot drinks such as tea. Coffee, espresso, coco and other different drinks or dinners. You can also find cold drinks that include natural juices, fruits, ice creams, or fruit salads.

Adari Restaurant in Ajman

Adari Restaurant services

The most important characteristic of Adari Restaurant is the services that make it different, namely: The crew responsible for hosting visitors and receiving requests cannot interfere in the conversation, which makes you feel private. If you enter the place for the first time, the crew will help you choose your meals and explain the menu if it is Not clear to you or something to understand.

The most important thing that makes the restaurant special

  • A distinguished site
  • Food of high quality
  • 3- Excellent service (cooks, waiters, etc.)
  • 4- The general character of the restaurant (romantic, family, etc.)
  • 5- Various menu (is it Indian, Chinese, Kuwaiti food … etc)

 Target audience (youth, families, etc.) The most important thing that distinguishes the restaurant is also the hygiene in the place or in the food or dining hall: – Clean floors, tables and seats. The temperature in the place should be as moderate, not too hot or cold.The music should be appropriate to the general atmosphere, with moderation, so that visitors can hear each other while talking. Too Having chairs for children.The distance between the tables should be appropriate. There is an entertainment place for children. Adari Restaurant in Ajman

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And when looking at what can be expected from international restaurants, the matter is summed up in the following: – Provide suggestions to the visitor with the best dishes.Availability of a bilingual food menu and its prices. Explain the ingredients of the dish in detail in the menu. All of the above reasons are considere the best in restaurants in general, and they attract people to go to the same place several times without getting bore Ajman P .O. Box: 20774,  Ajman Tel:  +971 6 7436349