Abu Dhabi Oasis

Abu Dhabi Oasis Kitchen & Restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants that serve food and delicious meals .And it also features a simple decor that makes you feel calm and uncomfortable

Abu Dhabi Oasis Kitchen & Restaurant

  • Among the main dishes served the kitchen : Mandi meat served with white rice, meat and vegetables
  • It serves buried chicken, which is a favorite meal for many visitors of the place
  • Meals can be provided to suit all numbers, so you can taste on your own and have your food as much as you want and it does not impose a minimum order for you. You can order meals for one person.
  • If you are a family or a group of friends, it provides a number of meals commensurate with the number of individuals for their ability to serve large numbers and groups
  • If you want to sit on the boards you can find that and if you want to sit on the tables then a number that corresponds from two to eight people or more
  • He also serves breakfast
  • He serves soft drinks so that you can find your favorite food and also your drink
Abu Dhabi Oasis Kitchen

Benefits offered by Abu Dhabi Oasis Kitchen & Restaurant

One of the origins of the art of service in restaurants of high class. Is the quality of food and the way of presentation.  For example: arranging menus The quality of the raw materials of the product provides. The environmental and health conditions The level of cleanliness performed the restaurant and it one of the most important. Elements that can attract individuals to the restaurant or make them prepare permanently The site and its . Ease of access does not make choices that very far from the city or places for excursions or choose places close to companies’ places on the roads, for example

What is table service?

Table service is a new category of service style that consists of English, American and pre-dish service. In this type of food and drink service, the guest sits. At the table with a lid and orders placed from the menu. The guest must welcomed with visual contact and a warm welcome. The server or waiter should usually call the guest on my master or lady. If the server knows the guest’s name, they must contact the guest with their nickname and address. Helping the guest in the seats according to the number of persons. Or any special requests While helping guests choose tables. They offer less attractive areas like tables near side stations, the kitchen, and a dishwasher area only if all the other tables are full

The menu presented to women first, then the host and clockwise to other guests. Pay special attention to children. When submitting guest requests, the butler or server must have a good understanding of who ordered the dishes.

About Abu Dhabi Oasis Kitchen & Restaurant

Ground Floor, Building # 151, Dubai – Abu Dhabi Road, New Shahama,  Al Rahba, Abu DhabiLandmark: New Shahama P.O.Box: 45581, Abu Dhabi Tel: +971 2 5631103