Abu Bilal Restaurant Abu Dabi

Abu Bilal Restaurant Abu Dabi It is Abu Bilal, one of the best restaurants that serves all kinds of meat
It has many of the main dishes that characterize the restaurant, such as biryani rice with curry dishes or chicken dishes. A very large number of visitors go to me every day with the aim of obtaining their various meals.

Abu Bilal Restaurant main dishes

Abu Bilal Restaurant Serving plates of burger sandwiches covered with cheese pieces, along with potatoes and various salads. It serves a large number of grilled meat dishes of all kinds and is able to provide a large number of different meals.Provides different meals for children to be admire by all individuals of all ages to be able to accommodate all families . The décor of the place is calm, simple and fast in serving the meals you request . You can easily book your meal in the restaurant In addition to the excellence of services provide by the restaurant Its prices are reasonable compare to the quality of the food and the services you get. Our staff always strives to serve you happily.

How to receive customers in Abu Bilal ?

The quality of food served to customers in the restaurant, and the menu should be diverse and satisfy all customers such as the availability of fast food, healthy food, and all kinds of hot and cold drinks. Giving the customer a menu And leaving it for 5 minutes in order to choose the food he wants to order. Not delay in providing food to the customer, and ensuring that all his requests are prepare before serving them. Availability of pre-reservation service via phone or internet. And it offers grills per kilo to suit the number of individuals and you can get the amount you see suitable for you and you can get the appropriate weight for you and work and choose it from three types of formed meat and in addition to your ability to obtain your preferred authority per kilo

Unique services also provided restorant

Wi-Fi is available in the restaurant, So that customers can connect to the Internet And make the necessary correspondence, So whether via e-mail or social media. And The presence of home delivery service for meals. Keeping the tables, chairs And facilities in the restaurant clean, As well as keeping the food provided clean. The overall atmosphere of the restaurant should be Comfortable in terms of lighting, And temperature. Decent dealing with customers, by welcoming them, smiling in their faces, and responding to their inquiries. Quickly remove the dishes after you finish eating, and work to clean the table well. Farewell to the customer upon his departure.

Abu Bilal Restaurant

The different types of restaurants that can visited

  • Fast food restaurants Meals are serve quickly and at low prices. The food is take from the carton boxes or the plastic tray directly, without the need for ceramic dishes, or forks and knives. And The account is paid before getting the meal.
  • Luxurious restaurants Like hotel restaurants. Usually a seasoned chef manages the restaurant, and a team of professional guards works for him. The menu consists of interconnected meals, at fixed prices. Great attention is paid to the design of the restaurant and the atmosphere in it.
  • The café Places for serving drinks. But Some types Of sandwiches And or pies may be served in advance, But not in them. And They are suitable places to sit and socialize. Abu Bilal Restaurant Abu Dabi

About Abu Bilal Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Abu Bilal Restaurant Abu Dhabi P.O.Box: 73067, Abu Dhabi Tel: +971 2 6451390