Abil Fida Restaurant & Cafeteria

Abil Fida Restaurant & Cafeteria restaurants offer all kinds of barbecue served to their customers in the best way with appropriate salads. One of the best things about grill restaurants is that they satisfy all customers and all agree that they love them at all ages. Abil Fida Restaurant & Cafeteria is one of the best grill restaurants and it always strives to develop food and choose different serving methods Including: dishes of white meat served with rice or pasta.

  • In addition, he is ready to perform large numbers parties and suit all occasions
  • It is also able to serve large numbers of individuals if it is at parties or on occasions
  • The menu in this restaurant abounds with many delicious and delicious dishes served by Lebanese and Armenian cuisine. In addition to mix grills. Shawarma, pastries and a myriad of cold and hot mezza and salads. The restaurant also offers many seafood items such as grilled shrimp and fried hamour fillet and fried squid.

Adventages of Abil Fida Restaurant & Cafeteria

  • The décor of the restaurant is calm . And is characterized by feeling the nature as it makes you feel at home
  • The restaurant allows listening to relaxing music and is a powerful example of expressing your feeling that you are one of the. Most favorite guests of the place and invites you to go there several times.
  • There is also a special corner for children to keep the place calm and also to keep children. Enjoying the nights families spend outside their homes.
  • The menu in the restaurant cafe is very distinctive, when you visit this restaurant you will find all kinds of Middle Eastern cuisine in addition to starters, grills and mezas prepared by the best chefs such as triple hummus to which basil, olives and green thyme are added, which gives him Mediterranean flavors.

Your choice of Abil Fida restaurant is the best

  • And if you are a fan of Arabic cuisine then it is your best choice This is due to his next submission
    • Tabbouleh and Fattoush (with toasted bread, not fried) Hummus with tahini and spiced eggplant (without oil) Eat a few fried appetizers, such as meat / cheese / spinach or kebbeh patties Eat meat. Chicken and grilled fish Replace stir-fried potatoes with steamed rice Avoid Arabic sweets such as kunafa and katayef and replace them with fresh fruit.
  • We all know how important food is in our daily life. Also, gathering friends and family around the table is an important part of our customs and traditions. We do not need special occasions to meet for lunch or dinner with loved ones. Rather, our social life revolves around the food we prepare at home. We order it from the restaurant or eat it outside the home. With long working hours and plenty of food options, eating healthy is a challenge. However, you can find a way to have a suitable and healthy dinner even if you are on a period when you follow a specific diet. If you adhere to the following guidelines when planning to eat outside or order home

Abou Abil Fida Restaurant & Cafeteria

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