Abeer Restaurant in sharja

• Abeer Restaurant in sharja Abeer Alexandria Restaurant is a restaurant in the UAE that serves Egyptian cuisine and connects to Al-Zawra, Al-Mushairif and Al-Hamidiya.
• rices are among the best compared to the quality the restaurant offers •
It delights customers in all ways if it is with the food provided to them or the way they are served •
Abeer is one of the fast restaurants that serves fast food The most famous main dishes served by the restaurant
• Among the best-selling dishes are meat tagine, liver and sausage, grills and mombar, but they have other options such as meals, meals and meals. •
It also features meals that contain salads, chicken and meat •
It serves burger in a preferred way for a large number of visitors to Abeer Restaurant •

Abeer Restaurant in sharja

Other services that Abeer seeks to provide

Provides special meals for children to admired of all tastes Restaurant quality standards Famous restaurants with five stars or less govern a set of rules and standards assigned the Ministry of Tourism until they become legal and licensed, and these standards serve the customer and secure him with a healthy and clean meal, but these standards not limited to famous restaurants but to popular restaurants as well, and in this article We will mention some of these criteria. Whitch Volume This is what Abeer does Reception methods at Abeer Restaurant • Appointing special employees to receive customers appropriately • Assigning employees to receive calls and provide the required information about the dishes and drinks, the restaurant’s address,

Abeer Restaurant in sharja

reservation and ordering the dishes appropriately.
• customers advice on dishes if they are confuse. And explain the ingredients of each dish appropriately. a menu with available dishes and drinks, with two prices
• the invoice to the customer in a dedicated envelope.Waiting for him to read it and returning the remaining amount to him in the same envelope. •
A detailed explanation of the new and unfamiliar ingredients. •
These previous services considered the most important characteristic of Abeer Restaurant

What are the different types of restaurants?

• are Italian restaurants serving • Minestrone vegetable soup
• Pasta prepared with tomato sauce Choose a thin pizza dough with plenty avoid apples like four cheeses or pepperoni

Chinese cuisine-Abeer Restaurant in sharja

• Avoid the bread and butter basket
• Pure soup such as Wonton or hot and sour soup • Steamed, boiled And , or grilled dishes
•steamed dumplings • Avoid eating ducks and choose chicken instead So . Avoid fried dishes • Steamed or stir-fried vegetables • Choose steamed rice instead of fried rice or noodles. And Avoid sweets like fried bananas Abeer Restaurant in sharja

Aout abeer restorant

Sharjah P.O.Box: 5927,
Sharjah Tel: +971 6 5552145

Aout abeer restorant In Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al QuwainP.O.Box: 5395, Umm Al QuwainTel: +971 6 7650601